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You are attracting the type of relationship you have with your spouse. This may be hard to believe, especially if you are unhappy.

There are so many articles written about the powerful law of attraction, but few address its application in marriage. Most people believe that marriage is supposed to be challenging. Couples find it difficult to change and even more difficult to change their spouse. They begin to focus on the things that annoy them about each other and accept some level of dissatisfaction. Using the law of attraction in marriage can remedy this cycle that our society has adopted. The law of attraction states: "Like attracts like." This means you attract what you think about most and when you add emotion, you attract it even faster.

 If you and your spouse are not getting along odds are you are both focused on what you do not want from one another, thus attracting more of it. Couples do not just stop loving one another. It happens over time because they begin to focus on all of the things they do not like. Then they wake up one day and realize that they are no longer in love with the person they are been married to. They feel dissatisfied and have no idea why. They have become so focused on the negative that they can't even remember why they got together in the first place.

The good news is you have more control of your marital experience than you think. Now that you have been exposed to the Law of Attraction you can implement some changes. Although you are individuals that are having your own experiences you can be in a loving growing marriage and still experience your own personal growth. If you want to have the most amazing relationship possible start focusing only what you do want. Tell one another how much you love and appreciate each other despite your differences.

Begin by only focusing on the positive things about each other. Then add some emotion to what you are thinking about. You should allow yourself to feel good about the positive traits your spouse possesses, while increasing your own positive energy. You can bring back positive emotions by remembering the good times and positive experiences you have shared in your marriage. Think about why you initially fell in love with one another.  You need to express your love and gratitude for each other more often to attract more of it. Then you can realign your vibration and get back on the same frequency, as you were when you first attracted one another.

You can use affirmations and simple reminders to stay focused on creating more thoughts of love and growth in your relationship with your spouse. You can also take time each day to visualize how you would like your marriage to be. The law of attraction works with memories, current thoughts, and visualizations. These minor adjustments will increase your positive energy and that of your spouses by getting you both on the same vibration and frequency again. It is law! You will begin to experience the love and joy your marriage has to offer once again. Learning to use the law of attraction to manifest the relationship of your desires is simply a thought away!